The Early Beatles

How The Fab Four Came Together

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Sign up for the online class, The Early Beatles: How The Fab Four Came Together, and over a six-week period, you'll learn the history of the early Beatles from 1956 to 1962 -- from the formation of The Quarrymen to The Beatles' first recording session at Abbey Road Studios.

The Beatles recording career has been well documented but what about the period before The Beatles got a record contract and hit it big?

"Without Elvis, there would be no Beatles," John Lennon stated matter-of-factly in a 1980 interview.

You love The Beatles' music, but do you really know what inspired The Beatles and how the group was formed?

To truly appreciate The Beatles and their music, you need to understand the group's origins and the impact that Presley and other rock and roll artists had on the group.

In the new course "The Early Beatles: How The Fab Four Came Together", you'll go back in time to the 1950s and watch the transformation of John, Paul, George and later Ringo take place from the formation of The Quarrymen to The Beatles’ first recording session at Abbey Road Studios.

Who were the key players in the early days of The Beatles? How did Stuart Sutcliffe and Pete Best change the course of Beatles history? Who were The Beatles managers before they met Brian Epstein?

Over a six-week period, we’ll explore in-depth the history of the early Beatles from 1956 to 1962 with fascinating insights from those who were there including John Lennon’s best friend, Pete Shotton; Beatles fan club secretary Freda Kelly; the boys' close friend in Germany, Astrid Kirchherr; and more.

Elvis represented the pinnacle of success in rock and roll, and he set the model for The Beatles' achievement of success. The goal of becoming "bigger than Elvis" helped propel the band into worldwide fame which in many ways surpassed The King.

"The Early Beatles: How The Fab Four Came Together" course will be taught by an expert of both The Beatles and Elvis Presley.

Topics covered in the course include:

- how Elvis Presley influenced the Beatles' music and their look

- how Buddy Holly, The Everly Brothers, Little Richard and others played a role in The Early Beatles

- musical analysis of songs The Beatles covered compared with the originals by other artists

- in-depth look at the life of Stuart Sutcliffe and his relationship with John Lennon

- analysis of why Pete Best was fired from The Beatles

- how The Beatles got their signature haircut

- how Sam Leach and Allan Williams changed The Beatles’ career

- the unique relationship between The Beatles and their manager, Brian Epstein

- the keyboard player who was asked to join the group

- why Ringo joining the band was much more of an asset to The Beatles and not the other way around

- Astrid Kirchherr about her friendship with The Beatles and love affair with Stuart Sutcliffe

- the origins of Skiffle music and the Teddy Boys

- The Beatles very first recording session in 1958

and more!

Your Instructor

Trina Young
Trina Young

Trina is a freelance entertainment journalist and author who has been writing about The Beatles and Elvis Presley for several years. She has interviewed several celebrities, musicians and music historians. She was the editor and publisher of Daytrippin’, a fan magazine (printed in hard copy for 7 years) about The Beatles and still publishes articles on the official website at Daytrippin's Magazine Archive is now part of the permanent collection at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Library and Archives.

She wrote an online column about Elvis Presley from 2011-2016 on and now writes for In 2018, she published a book called ELVIS AND THE BEATLES about the behind-the-scenes relationship between the two musical icons. Her latest book about Elvis Presley's Army Years is called ELVIS: The Army Years Uncovered.

Testimonials about the Course Instructor

"It's always a pleasure to be interviewed by somebody who is as knowledgeable about The Beatles as you are." - Bruce Spizer, Beatles historian and author

ELVIS: Behind The Legend "appraises Elvis through the unbiased eyes of a music historian." - Alan Hanson, Author, Elvis '57: The Final Fifties Tours

Class Curriculum

The full course consists of a new lecture posted every week for 6 weeks. Each lecture contains 3-5 individual lessons.

Lecture 1: How Elvis changed the world

Lecture 2: The Quarrymen come together

Lecture 3: Lennon and McCartney form songwriting partnership

Lecture 4: The Beatles conquer Hamburg

Lecture 5: The Beatles sign with Brian Epstein

Lecture 6: The Beatles get a record deal

In only 6 weeks, you can become an expert on The Early Beatles learning in-depth details about how the group was formed with the help of audio and video samples, in-depth reporting and exclusive interviews.

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