The 1964 Beatles Invasion

Conquering America

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Whether you were alive in February 1964 or not, every Beatles fan knows the significance of the group's first visit to America. All the entertainment forces collided at once to make the second week in February the most impactful week in the history of rock and roll, and of course, The Beatles' career.

During the month of January 1964, "The Beatles Are Coming" campaign was spreading like wildfire in anticipation of this group of four lads from Liverpool coming to appear on The Ed Sullivan Show on February 9, 1964. It was a 14-day visit that changed history, changed the world and changed the lives of so many music fans.

But too often, these monumental two weeks get compacted into a single video clip or paragraph in the story of The Beatles. Now it's time to go back and re-live the Beatles visit, day by day, hour by hour. Go behind the scenes to see what was happening from The Beatles' point of view.

In the 1964 Beatles Invasion course, you’ll go back in history to this important and crucial time and re-live what happened to The Beatles in a day-by-day diary account.

In this self-paced course, we’ll explore in-depth the history of The 1964 Beatles Invasion with fascinating insights from those who were there!

The "1964 Beatles Invasion: Conquering America" course will be taught by music historian, author and Daytrippin' publisher, Trina Young.

Topics covered and questions to be answered in this course include:

- What myth about The Beatles' first U.S. visit does Paul McCartney keep repeating?

- Who was the most popular Beatle in the U.S. when The Beatles invaded?

- What nightclubs did the Beatles visit in New York City?

- Why did Capitol Records change the release date for "I Want To Hold Your Hand"?

- Why was George missing from The Beatles' photo shoot in Central Park?

- How hectic was The Beatles' schedule over their 14-day American visit?

- Why was Ringo was missing from The Beatles' photo shoot in Paris?

- Did the crime rate really drop the night The Beatles appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show?

- How did the American reaction to the group match up to The Beatles' expectations?

- What crucial piece of equipment was Ringo missing when he came to America?

- What famous U.S. record producer flew with The Beatles on their arriving flight from London to New York?

- Who got paid more to appear on The Ed Sullivan Show - Elvis or The Beatles?

- What famous American R&B group spent time with The Beatles during their U.S. trip?

- How did Elvis Presley react to The Beatles U.S. visit?

- How did marketing efforts influence The Beatles' success in America?

- What was presented to The Beatles the day after their Ed Sullivan Show debut?

- What happened when The Beatles went to Washington DC and Miami?

and more!

Here are what students of Daytrippin's previous courses, The Early Beatles and 1963 Beatles History, had to say:

"1963 Beatles History course is highly recommended as you will get insights and many details that show how Beatlemania did appear. Starting from the UK, continuing within Europe and finally touching base in the US, The Beatles started conquering the world with their first 2 albums. I really look forward to getting my ticket to ride into a new magical mystery tour and keep learning about the best band ever." - Eduardo Hurtado, Mexico

The course "The Early Beatles" was very informative even for a first-generation Beatle fan. I learned some things that I didn't know before about the Beatles. I would recommend this course to all Beatle fans and others who are interested in music. - Kathleen Leaf, Derry, PA, USA

"The course was perfect! It was very insightful and drives passion about The Beatles!" - Student, 1963 Beatles History course

"Excellent course that leaves me overflowing with admiration for our boys."
- Arturo Romero, Dallas TX

"I looked forward to and enjoyed the lessons each week. I have been a Beatles fan since 1964 and I look to learn more about their history. I look forward to more Beatles history courses. Thank you, Trina!" - Student, 1963 Beatles History course

On February 9, 1964, when I was 11 years old I saw The Beatles perform on TV during The Ed Sullivan Show and I instantly became a fan of their music. This Daytrippin' course has enhanced my enjoyment of the music of The Beatles. - Brian Bingham, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Your Instructor

Trina Young
Trina Young

Trina is a freelance entertainment journalist and author who has been writing about The Beatles and Elvis Presley for several years. She has interviewed several celebrities, musicians and music historians. She was the editor and publisher of Daytrippin’, a fan magazine (printed in hard copy for 7 years) about The Beatles and still publishes articles on the official website at Daytrippin's Magazine Archive is now part of the permanent collection at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Library and Archives.

She wrote an online column about Elvis Presley from 2011-2016 on and now writes for In 2018, she published a book called ELVIS AND THE BEATLES about the behind-the-scenes relationship between the two musical icons. Her latest book about Elvis Presley's Army Years is called ELVIS: The Army Years Uncovered.

Testimonials about the Course Instructor

"It's always a pleasure to be interviewed by somebody who is as knowledgeable about The Beatles as you are." - Bruce Spizer, Beatles historian and author

ELVIS: Behind The Legend "appraises Elvis through the unbiased eyes of a music historian." - Alan Hanson, Author, Elvis '57: The Final Fifties Tours

Class Curriculum

The full course consists of 4 lectures. Each lecture contains 4-5 individual lessons.

Lecture 1: The Beatles invade Paris

Lecture 2: The Beatles invade New York

Lecture 3: The Beatles first U.S. concerts

Lecture 4: The Beatles invade Miami

Going at your own pace - fast or slow - you can become an expert on The 1964 Beatles Invasion learning in-depth details about what happened when The Beatles first came to the U.S. You'll go behind-the-scenes in a day-by-day diary account with the help of audio and video samples, in-depth reporting and exclusive interviews.

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