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How Elvis Presley influenced The Beatles

In only 6 weeks, you can become an expert on the complex and surprising relationship between Elvis Presley and The Beatles

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Join us for our first course: How Elvis Presley Influenced The Beatles

"Without Elvis, there would be no Beatles," John Lennon stated matter-of-factly in a 1980 interview.

You love The Beatles' music, but do you really know what inspired The Beatles?

Elvis Presley made such an impact on John Lennon that he decided to form The Quarrymen, the group that would evolve into The Beatles. Lennon and his band admired Presley's rebelliousness and his appeal to women, not to mention his musical talent. To truly appreciate The Beatles and their music, you need to understand the group's origins and the impact that Presley and other rock and roll artists had on the group.

In the new course "How Elvis Presley influenced The Beatles", you'll go back in time to the 1950s and watch the transformation of John, Paul, George and later Ringo take place. And even after The Beatles' success, Elvis still had a big influence on the group and vice versa.

Elvis represented the pinnacle of success in rock and roll, and he set the model for The Beatles' achievement of success. The goal of becoming "bigger than Elvis" helped propel the band into worldwide fame which in many ways surpassed The King.

However, the relationship between Elvis and The Beatles did not end after their one and only meeting in 1965. Despite the media's portrayal that Elvis felt threatened by The Beatles and they didn't really have much of a relationship, their careers and personal lives intersected often and they continued to influence each other, both personally and professionally, throughout their careers.

While many think their paths were distinctly different, the truth is The Fab Four and The King had much more in common than people realize. The "How Elvis Presley influenced The Beatles" course will help bridge the divide between the careers of Presley and The Beatles.

Taught by an expert of both The Beatles and Elvis Presley, this course

will surely alter your perception and knowledge about how the biggest rock and roll band and the biggest rock and roll singer of the 20th century influenced each other.

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Your Instructor

Trina Yannicos
Trina Yannicos

Trina is a freelance entertainment journalist and author who has been writing about Elvis Presley and The Beatles for several years. She has been writing an online column about Elvis since 2011 on Examiner.com. In 2015, she published a book of essays on Presley called ELVIS: Behind The Legend.

She founded a popular biography website on The Beatles at Beatles-History.net. Her former fan magazine about The Beatles called Daytrippin' is now part of the permanent collection at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Library and Archives.


Week 1: How Elvis changed the world

Week 2: The Beatles come together

Week 3: Elvis heads to Germany and The Beatles follow

Week 4: Elvis riding high while The Beatles get a record deal

Week 5: The Beatles Conquer America

Week 6: A Period of Spiritual Awakening

Bonus week: The Legacy of Elvis and The Beatles

In only 6 weeks, you can become an expert on the complex and surprising relationship between Elvis Presley and The Beatles. Most of these revelations have never been published in a book!


- how Elvis Presley influenced the Beatles' music and their look

- how Elvis set the standard in the music business

- how their careers had similar successes and scandals

- how Elvis truly felt about rock and roll

- what Elvis songs did The Beatles cover / what Beatles songs did Elvis sing?

- the unique relationship between The Beatles' manager, Brian Epstein and Colonel Parker, Elvis' manager
- the similar personal and spiritual journeys of Elvis and The Beatles
- the real reason Elvis was not included on the Sgt. Pepper cover
- how The Beatles dissed Elvis and how Elvis dissed The Beatles

- what Elvis really thought of The Beatles
- how John Lennon turned to Colonel Parker in a time of need
- how Elvis helped John Lennon after The Beatles broke up

- who was bigger: Elvis or The Beatles?

and more!

- A complete listing of The Beatles and Elvis Presley's GOLD and PLATINUM record sales

- FREE online viewing access to Daytrippin' Magazine (the most FAB magazine for Beatles fans) archive of 28 issues published from 1997-2005 (a $47 value)

- Q&A with the instructor on private discussion forum

- Exclusive podcast interviews with Beatles and Elvis experts

By exploring a real-time comparison of their careers, year by year, we'll uncover in great detail how Elvis influenced The Beatles and vice versa, how The Fab Four and The King were surprisingly similar and the many interactions and intersections their lives and careers had over the years.

Testimonials about the Course Instructor

"It's always a pleasure to be interviewed by somebody who is as knowledgeable about The Beatles as you are." - Bruce Spizer, Beatles historian and author

ELVIS: Behind The Legend "appraises Elvis through the unbiased eyes of a music historian." - Alan Hanson, Author, Elvis '57: The Final Fifties Tours

"Great insights into the never-boring Elvis story... This book explains a lot of the 'why.'" - Amazon Customer Review of ELVIS: Behind The Legend

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